In studying the human mind, science is constantly making new discoveries about how we learn, perceive and develop. Numerous studies and researches are conducted on younger generations so we know what we can do at an early stage to help them have a better start in life. New study reveals the most important things a parent can provide to a child to better prepare that child for adulthood. In this article we’ve narrowed it down to the 5 most important that you need to provide to your children to make them smarter.

1. Music education
It may be becoming a cliche, but exposure to music and music education early on in life can make your child smarter. A series of tests and scores in multiple categories showed better results in academic achievement by children who listened to quality music Music is so soothing to the mind that it helps not only the young, but the older generations too. In that sense, then, it can be said that the effects of music are timeless. 

2. School – Sports Balance
Another cliche we all know is the dumb jock stereotype – that people who are principality into sports are not so smart and good with academic subjects. Studies have repeatedly shown this not to be true.

It has been shown that jocks are not good with academia because they are too busy training, and do not study. Not because they are not smart. Your child needs to have the balance between studying and having a quality physical workout plan in his/her life. Studies have in fact shown that physical activity improves memory and brain’s responsiveness to learning and developing.

3. Make sure they are getting enough sleep
You probably should take this with a grain of salt, but some studies claim that the brain of your sixth grader at home will operate as a fourth grader, if he/she missed even an hour of sleep. Further claims go on to compare that regular loss of sleep can slow down the brain development of your child by full two years.

It is not every day that science universally agrees on an issue, but the sleep issue seems non – negotiable: make sure your kid gets enough sleep.

4. Hard Work Beats IQ when IQ Doesn’t Work
Ok, let’s reduce the drama in that introduction. IQ is very important, but without discipline and most of all, self – discipline, your child will probably not get far. Studies have repeatedly shown that children with grit, determination to hard work and self – discipline almost always outperform children who seem smarter but are lazy or disorganized.

The disciplined children generally perform better at school, at sports and get further in their careers later in life. IQ is inherited (from the mother, according to science) but you must help your child develop self – discipline so it can channel its mental and physical abilities more productively.

5. Make sure your kid doesn’t spend time with the wrong people
We are social beings, and spending time with peers matters enormously. However, you must be careful what sort of peers you allow your child to spend most time with. Peer pressure is a serious force, especially at a younger age. So make sure you provide a quality school in a good neighborhood for your kid.

Pay attention to what sort of company he keeps and even the topics of conversation he likes most. All of that will influence his/her development, vocabulary, ambitions and career inclinations later on in life.


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