Experience a Gap Year.

About this book:

Through recent research and additional reading surrounding the subject it has become clear that the area of a ‘Gap Year’ or related travel experience is something new and unsaturated in its related literature area at this present time.

At present I live and work in Den Haag, The Netherlands and while completing this book I have become aware of how popular travel and in particular, travel with adventure attached to it has become for a nation that is still discovering itself. Aside from the obvious countries that are included in the experience, I feel that this travel narrative would make an excellent light reading experience on a plane while travelling and if coupled with a sister book examining the experiences and adventures of a female adventurist would add to its overall interest and boost the overall commercial interest surrounding future sales.

With books available in airports and travel sections of local book stores, especially ones found in university campuses and other areas where young people tend to gather, it is my opinion that the information within would be inspiring and additionally entertaining to read.

The book is light and genuinely funny, but at the same time it offers the reader a blow by blow account of life on the road, with engaging sections offering the reader an insight into real life experiences and additionally examining some of the pitfalls that come with such a travel experience.



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