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He who dares wins

Recently this article has been popular. So thought I’d repost it

Who Dares, Wins (Latin: “Qui audet adipiscitur”, French: Qui ose gagne) is a motto that originated with the British Special Air Service. Also the catchphrase “He Who Dares, Wins” was commonly used by Del Boy in British sitcom Only Fools and Horses. The motto has been used by twelve elite special forces units around the world that in some way have historical ties to the British SAS. (“Fortune favors the bold”) Even the ‘Rhodesian Special Air Service Regiment’ in Kabrit Barracks, Salisbury (now Harare) used this famous quote. For me having a short spell in the Army as a younger man and additionally having been born in Rhodesia, makes this quote a permanent vision and thought that runs deep in my blood. One could say that my life and times have had this very belief firmly tattooed to my very core. However, I am sure there are many people who have similar beliefs and live their lives through this very thought process?

Although in no way comical, like the legend that Del Boy was. I like to think that this thought process, although risky, is one that we should all try to examine and lean towards. The world today is very different to how it was for our parents and their parents before them. In Spain and much of Europe, one in four people are out of work. The youth of today are the ones who have been cut short in the system that runs our lives. We all do it. We go through a process that has been set out for us, and we are expected to conform to this very existence. However, like all successful people, if you ask them how they managed to get to where they are and what was the secret to their success? They’ll no doubt talk about hard work, knowing the right people and being in the right place at the right time. But sometimes this is not an option for us mere mortals. What can you do when so many things are stacked against you?

Well! I have found that this very quote to be the answer.

Simply put. ‘He who dares wins.’ Are you willing to move out of your comfort zone to find a better way in life?

Well, I have gone out of my way, completely out of pocket and back to the bottom to try and find a way back to where I want to be and to where I believe I should be. Have I made it? No! Not yet. Maybe I never will? Actually, I think my actual goal of being able to afford to live here may be the bridge too far. But I dare myself to make it work and I am surprised by the outcomes that keep presenting themselves. Only time will tell for me? But I am firmly committed to this very belief. If I turn over every stone and look underneath it to see what possibilities may lie there, then I know I have done everything one can do to be what they truly want to be.

There is one problem though. The SAS were very aware of this and many of them bare the scares that these battles brought. There is a cost to this attitude. It is hard, it can be very dangerous and it can lead to failure. My actual health may be the downfall for me as I can not afford the medical costs that I will need to pay to find out what is exactly wrong with me. But who said life and in-particular, winning was easy? If you only knew what I had done to get what I needed? It would certainly bring a smile to your face and at the same time bring a tear to your eyes if you knew how bad things are at this present time.

Life goes on! So do opportunities. If you can’t see them or miss those opportunities when they arise, then you may one day look back and say ‘What if?’ I know one thing. If things don’t work out for me. Well then it will truly provide me with the answer of whether I should pursue a life in America. If I must return to Europe, then at least I can put this all behind me and then finally realize that this is who I am and this is what I should be doing. It’s a shame that to find this out, I must go through everything here to finally find out where I truly belong. But to do this. One needs to be willing to take the dare. Who dares wins. I win No matter what. I win if things work out. But I equally win if I return to the place where I am from. Because everything I left behind is still there. That’s why all over the world there are people who share this same value. And fight to try their best to better themselves.

What is Best?


What is Best? Do you ever question things? Are you free willed? Speak your mind? With unexpected recent life journeys I question whether this is wise? However, I’d regard myself as much of the above mentioned ideologies.

If one was to look closely, or just close enough, you’d possibly see a pattern. One of either success or failure. Although words I detest. This can simply be used as a measure for the past. Surrounding the events that have shaped your very life. For me, I’m just adjusting with actually being slightly aware of how my actions could have possibly affected my stay in a certain place or even my job at that time. If there is such a thing as a pattern? Then should we not have greater accountability laid before us, with actions that can prevent this from happening again, so we don’t end up making similar mistakes, in work and in life in general?

What brings a smile to my face, is the acceptance of the thing! When the penny drops. It all makes sense.

You’ve not lived

According to John Bunyan, “You have not lived until you have done something for someone who can never repay you.” While Ralph Waldo Emerson, tells us, “Always do what you are afraid to do.” What ever your opinion, or whether you’ve ever considered this? One should take a step back and reflect. “You’ve not lived.” Unless you’ve actually come face to face with something that truly defines life and living.

Many people believe, you’ve not lived, if your life has not been tested. Have you ever been homeless? Found a way back from having nothing? For me personally you’ve not lived if you’ve not lived and worked in countries that don’t speak your mother tongue, been a refugee/asylum seeker looking for a better world, inspired people to achieve greatness and dived with sharks in the open ocean. That last one is just something I personally loved. Nothing beats the taste of fear.

However, and what this ‘ Blog’ has always tried to examine? ‘A topic of life.’ Be yourself, not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be. Push your limits. For me, I am finally realizing what it’s all about. J. K. Rowling suggests “If you live so cautiously, you might not have lived at all.” I think if there is a level of richness in life? I’m a Billionaire.